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About Us

JC Moulding is an injection moulding business which has over 30 years of experience specialising in production runs from 1 to 100,000 pieces, without the customer having to commit to large capital investments or guarantee larger quantities over time.

 Our unique, low-cost tooling system offers the opportunity to produce injection moulding parts in cases where the traditional barrier to injection moulding – the huge tooling cost – is no longer an issue.
Our mould tools are 100% manufactured in our own extensive, on site, full CNC toolmaking facility. We design, manufacture, maintain and repair all tooling on-site. This, in combination with our rapid prototyping services, results in some of the lowest lead times for sample products you will experience from any injection moulding company anywhere.
JC Moulding constantly invests in new machinery and technology to retain competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace, and our unique mould production system makes us stand out from the crowd.