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From a Gram to a Kilo

Our extensive range (25 machines and growing) of injection moulding machines with clamping forces from 25 to 250 tonnes enables us to produce products up to a Kg in weight.

We have a rolling machine replacement program in place that allows us to purchase modern, very energy-efficient, accurate machines which makes our production unit prices extremely competitive against moulders anywhere in the world.

Almost Every Plastic Material

We mould almost any available plastic (PP, PVC, PA6, PA66, ABS, PU, etc) as well as a large range of TPEs, which are often used as a replacement for rubber components.

As we are based next door to one of the UK’s largest masterbatch manufacturers, we also have access to a huge range of colours and additives, even for small runs.

We have a bespoke modern granulation line which allows us to reprocess all of our waste product from sprues and runners etc. to reduce scrap and further maintain our competitive advantage.