Cost-effective Injection Moulding for MedTech Start-up

AeroPod15 created by BBL Protect Ltd
AeroPod15 created by BBL Protect Ltd
Creators of the AeroPod, BBL Protect are an award-winning MedTech start-up company who design and manufacture personal isolation devices for the transportation of infectious patients. The AeroPod01 is designed for use within healthcare settings, whilst the AeroPod15 is intended for patient transportation by road and air.
To maximise efficiency, it was important for BBL Protect to standardise the common components found across the two units. However, moving from prototype to manufacture without significant costs for part tooling was difficult. Russell Clifton, managing director at BBL Protect explains, “Being a start-up, we were faced with large companies unwilling to offer any cost-effective solutions, particularly for low production volumes”.
BBL Protect approached JC Moulding with 3D-printed, mid stage prototypes which were reviewed by the JC Moulding team. The JC Moulding design team carried out thorough design FMEA testing in order to identify any product design risks, before working on improving the designs. BBL Protect were able to utilise the design expertise at JC Moulding to create functional parts, that also made the manufacturing process of the whole unit easier. For example, there are nine connector ports found on each AeroPod which consist of a plastic and TPU component. This overmoulding design means this particular part can be welded to the unit, thereby minimising the risk of leaks. In turn, this has reduced the number of components needed, keeping costs low for BBL Protect. Managing director, Russell Clifton explains, “Working with JC Moulding has allowed us to produce parts at low volumes without the high costs – it has been very cost-effective for us.”. 
The first AeroPod was launched to market last month, which is being used by the Channel Islands Air Ambulance. BBL Protect are making strong waves into the NHS, as explained by managing director, Russell Clifton, “We are turning heads and we’re getting positive responses from the NHS. We’re looking forward to working with JC Moulding in the future on new product developments as we continue to launch into the market”.