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The Future of Injection Moulding – A Cornerstone for Industry Leader

Peter Jones Klick Fast Carrying System
JC Moulding Injection Moulding Tool
Peter Jones is a leading designer and manufacturer of accessories for the emergency services, security and worker safety sectors. Creators of the industry leading Klick Fast carrying system, Peter Jones offer a wide range of carrying solutions that allow devices and safety equipment to be carried almost anywhere on the body.
With over 55 years’ experience in the industry comes a broad range of customers, all with different carrying requirements. This, along with the continual development and introduction of new devices on the market, means the Peter Jones product range is ever-growing. With customers unable to commit to high production volumes and facing high tooling costs for production, introducing new designs and offering bespoke solutions for their customers was always going to be a challenge.
Fortunately, the company enjoys a long and productive relationship with JC Moulding. The Peter Jones team are able to utilise the design expertise at JC Moulding to develop specialist solutions for their customers, whilst their in-house prototyping facilities mean customers can see 3-D printed samples within just a few weeks of the initial enquiry. Most importantly, the quick turnaround on tooling, combined with the low cost tooling system means that Peter Jones can deliver niche products quickly and at a price that makes the project possible, even at low production volumes. The majority of parts moulded for Peter Jones would otherwise not make it to market as traditional moulding methods would not make it feasible. What’s more, tools at JC Moulding have a lifetime guarantee which includes repair and maintenance, meaning that Peter Jones can continue to offer products for as long as there’s demand.
As a result, Peter Jones are able to offer an unrivaled ‘eco-system’ of carrying solutions to their customers across the globe, from California to Carlisle, the Falkland Island to Falmouth, Brazil to Brighton, and China to Chertsey. JC Moulding have designed, tooled and manufactured over 500 individual parts for Peter Jones – something that would not be possible with conventional tooling and moulding techniques.
Andrew Griffiths, Head of Business Development at Peter Jones, said, “Working with JC Moulding gives us a real competitive advantage. Our customers carry out critical and difficult work in often harsh environments, so a key part of our customer proposition is being able to provide them with purpose-made and robust products quickly and with a pricing structure that makes even short runs viable. We get some strange and demanding requests from our customers, but the team at JC Moulding always seem to be able to come up with a winning solution”.